This Nail Polish Doesnt Look Like It Did in the Bottle

How Often Have You Heard:  “This Nail Polish Doesn’t Look Like It Did in the Bottle.”

As any nail professional knows, this is a disaster on many fronts.  First, you don’t want to show any hint of the sheer frustration on your face that this customer has basically criticized your work—most often after you have done all of their nails.

Once you bottle up your rage by think about that glass of wine waiting for you at home, you have to ask the customer what they would like to do.  Many of us would feel obligated to offer to re-do the entire set of nails and make the rest of our clients wait.

Why Do Customers Make This Claim?

Are they trying to get a free manicure by complaining?  Perhaps.  If that is the case, we have to muster the strength of character to deal with them professionally despite our homicidal feelings.

But maybe it is a legitimate question.  Nail Polish colors do often look different once they are applied to the nail.  Sometimes it may be the light.  Nail professionals have employed numerous techniques to avoid this situation.  Some test the color on cellophane tape on their hands to demonstrate to the customer.

What is clear is that this all-too-frequent disaster costs time and money.

A Simple Solution From a Sharp Nail Technician%

Shahnaz Brown operated a salon in the exclusive community of Del Mar in San Diego County.  She had many particular and fastidious customers.  But when these complaints made other scheduled customers have to wait longer, she devised a way to avoid much of this debate.

Shahnaz didn’t want any dissatisfied customers.  When presented with the question, “This Nail Polish Doesn’t Look Like It Did in the Bottle,” she would often take the time to remove the polish, re-apply a new selected polish.  Sometimes when the customer didn’t have time she would offer a free manicure or make sure to discount them at their next visit.

100% Correcting Device

After much time, frustration and money, Shahnaz created a tool that not only avoided this all-too-common issue, but also added color, elegance and a conversation piece to her salon.  She designed, manufactured, patented, and implemented the Colorpops Ring in 2005.

The Rings quickly caught on and won an award from Nails Magazine in the first year for being the most innovative product of the year.

Unlike the rubber hands or swatch wheels that display polish, Colorpops Rings are more professional, elegant, and more effective that other tools.


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