Colorpops Spirit Tips (Clear) for a Picture-Perfect Display – (50 Count)


When combined with the Colorpops™ Rings, these CLEAR Colorpops™ Spirit Tips create a polish color verification system to prevent your clients from ever choosing a “wrong” nail polish color because the actual color is visually displayed on the top of the bottle.

Bulk Pricing:
$5 for 1
$4 for 2-3
$3 for 4 or more

Bulk Pricing:


Although “traditional” nail tips WILL work with Colorpops™ Polish Rings…


  Colorpops™ Spirit Tips are:
  1. CLEAR (not yellowish)
2. MUCH more durable
  3. PERMANENTLY shiny

A great little trick from the owner of Colorpops™…

Colorpops™ Spirit Tips are STUNNING when you polish the UNDERSIDE of the tip instead of the top side because the tip will maintain its color integrity longer than if it is painted on the top side. This little “trick” also prevents you from having to top coat the polish color (or free hand nail art design)!

Nail Artists: Also, you can easily change them to update the tips with nail art designs as often as you like. When you use a nail polish color combined with acrylic nail paints to create nail designs, you can now let your clients see your nail art designs right on each polish bottle! This is undisputably the EASIEST way to market your nail art design services.

View each Colorpops™ Spirit Tips price category by clicking on the SELECTION PREFERENCE drop-down menu (above). The page will refresh to reveal the price quote for that particular selection, then will automatically display a QUANTITY box to select the amount you wish to order.
Notice that the more you order, the more you save!

Additional information

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in


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