Colorpops Pops – Nail Art Display Sticks (available in 50 count)


Colorpops™ “pops” are available in: 50 count packs and are sold unpolished.

Bulk Pricing:
$23 for 1
$20 for 2-6
$18 for 7-10
$14 for 10 and over

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Play. Practice. Present.

When your clients discover these Pops compliment your whole artline or salon decor, they’ll be rushing to share their excitement with other nail art affectionados. These Pops add a dash of sweet style to all of your colors, nail art and styles.

50 Pops come in each package and can be displayed in our various displays or used to adorn other promotions in your salon or gallery. The possibilities are endless and we are amazed at the new ways our nail polish friends find to use them.

As your clients enter to see you before they head off to a coffee date, party, prom or cocktail hour, you’ll have a great offering a mashup of adorable motifs, edgy and sweet, and assortment of colors so they can be inspired to be fun, happy and stylish. And if they look great and feel great after you inspire them, do you think they’ll go to the lady down the street for a buck less next time?

Looking for a way to glam up your polish ensemble? Get your hands on these Pops. They offer the opportunity to inspire with little accents, glitz, or sparkle. Your imagination can inspire your clients! It’s like a candy store for polish. The Pops flaunt your inspired artwork and colors!

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Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 in


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