Colorpops Display Rack – With 30 Pops, + 3 extra pops.


Colorpops™ is an acrylic display system designed to show the TRUE color of polishes, gels, or nail art designs.

Colorpops™ CP33, our most popular display rack, has 30 holes.

Bulk Pricing:
$22 for 1
$20 for 2-5
$18 for 6-10
$15 for 10 and over

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The painterly designs that adorn your CP-33 display will inspire you and your clients to look at your entire business from a new, artful perspective. Because you can’t demonstrate all your colors on 10 fingers at once (some have tried!), this CP-33 model display is perfect for your work space or spa. The CP-33 features 33 Pops, plus 3 extra for new ideas. The design is classic and conveys professionalism while showcasing your prettiest designs and art work-everyday.

The American made-display and Pops are embossed with the Colorpops logo and have a sleek and clean design that feels balanced. In fact, the display’s design and the Pops beveled shaft is engineered so that the Pops fall forward in the display–none of those messy sticks falling all around the display. The clean look accentuates your workspace or display shelf and draws attention to your colors and designs.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 in


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