Colorpops Display Rack – With 12 Pops, + 3 extra pops.


Colorpops™ is an acrylic display system designed to show the TRUE color of polishes, gels, or nail art designs.

Colorpops™ CP12, our smallest display rack, has 12 holes.

Bulk Pricing:
$16 for 1
$14 for 2-5
$12 for 6-10
$10 for 10 and over

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A glint, a glimmer, a flicker: nail polish should have a delicate dose of shine. Our dainty CP-12 is subtle and sweet by itself or matched with other Colorpops displays to create a thematic ensemble, an organizational scheme by price or product, or combined together with other displays a curated display of your art, promotions, or trends. Here we took our classic and most popular large display and shrank it down to a mini version that is space-saving, extra-versatile, and extra-adorable. Only limited by your colorful imagination, the CP-12 features 12 Pops, plus 3 extra for new ideas, and a simple, classic, silhouette display, that can add inspiration and start the conversation at any work space. The American made-display and Pops are embossed with the Colorpops logo and have a sleek and clean design that feels balanced. In fact, the display’s design and the Pops beveled shaft is engineered so that the Pops fall forward in the display–none of those messy sticks falling all around the display. The clean look accentuates your workspace or display shelf and draws attention to your colors and designs.

Additional information

Weight 5.3 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 in


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