Color Yourself Successful

COLOR is the first thing we notice when we see a sign, ad or logo.  Whether we consciously think about it or not, color affects our mood and sets the context for our reactions to what we see.

Research by HubSpot, a software marketing program, showed 21 percent more people clicked on a red button than a green one.

This finding is not an accident:  Red grabs attention and conveys energy, excitement and a sense of urgency.  Each color has its own emotional impact.

Blue communicates calm, credibility and stability.

Green suggests something natural, calm, hopeful and youthful and is associated with money, health, freshness and wealth.

Black is used to create a sense of authority, formality and luxury.

Yellow suggests sunshine, optimism and youth.

To use color most effectively in all your marketing efforts, here are some suggestions.

Tailor your color choice to the age, gender and interests of the kinds of customers you seek.  Find out what colors are typical for your type of business.  Look at websites, signs and color ads in trade magazines.  Chances are you will find a dominant color for your industry.  Once you select a principal or main color, stick with it.

When selecting a second color, choose one that that makes the main one stand out.  For example, think of the UPS logo:  The gold letters stand out against the brown background.  Typical combinations are a dominant color like red, blue, or black paired with white, yellow or black—eg., red with black or yellow with red.

Limit the number of colors you use.  Ninety-five percent of top brands use only one or two colors.  The colors most used by top companies are blue (33%), red (29%), black or gray (28%), and yellow or gold (13%).  Orange, purple and pink are less frequently used.

Try different hues, tints, shades and tones for the colors you choose.  Keep in mind that color in print world differs from digitized color.

If you have an existing logo and brand identity, it may be time to tweak it for greater success and then make certain you carry your color identity on everything you produce to market your business: presentations, business cards, letterhead, websites and flyers, etc.

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