About Colorpops

From a little idea to a great product

It all started in 1996 with a simple idea–get clients to experience my color and designs before they buy. We brainstormed the idea of how to get the clients to see and compare the real colors of the polish–outside the polish bottles–and our nail art so they would inspired to get all they wanted from our busy nail salon. We had plenty of business, lines waiting out the door, but had to deal with those difficult or persnickety customers who bristled at the polish job at our exclusive salon on Del Mar, California.

But what started as a idea to reduce the client complaints, turned into something so much more to my friends and colleagues in the nail business


Create High Quality, Well-Designed Nail Polish Displays that Connect With Our Customers and Deliver Inspiration to Showcase Our Nail Designs

Colorpops didn’t start with a formal business plan but merely the idea of how can we reach our clients and get them to experience our nail services to inspire them and give clear expectations.  Rather than following the “traditional” manner of getting into the salon marketing business, we just simply tried to apply common sense and what we knew about our own nail customers to give them a product that allowed us to connect with them, showcase what we are artistically capable of, and keep them coming back for more.


After launching our website in 1997, and selling our small little display, we were dismayed by the response.  Things exploded quickly.  We won awards and recognition. We were featured in lots of nail magazines from around the world.  Moreover, friends old and new in the business, found that our displays connected them with their customers and promoted new trends and new ideas–increasing their bottom lines.

Throughout the first few years, we continued to build Colorpops in the brief moments we had time mostly at night after work.  Each time we released a new idea for our own clients, our friends enthusiastically wanted more of our Pops displays because they saw how our business thrived.    Word of mouth spread.  Soon, we were getting more calls from outside the United States than here at home.  About the same time we realized that maybe we were really onto something.

We went to trade shows.  We talked to new friends who utilized our products to improve their businesses.  Soon, the nail polish industry caught our ideas and before we knew it they were using our Pops around the world in their marketing and training.

Then as nail art exploded 10 or so years ago, and nails became a principle fashion accessory, nail industry professionals found our Pops perfect for teaching and sharing.  Polish companies starting buying the Pops to showcase their new polish colors and products.  Educators used our Pops to give classes and inspire their students.

We knew we were on to something when we started seeing cheaper knock-offs from Asia.  Only problem was that those knock-offs were not designed like our Pops and displays.  Our Pops had a professional and elegant feel and look.  And because of their patented engineering design they stood straight in the display and faced forward.  They conveyed the image a nail professional wanted to convey.

Keeping it Personal

Even as we have grown and introduced new products, including our Rings in 2005, we have strived to keep our business focused on nail technicians and artists.  We aim to inspire as we have been inspired by color, connectedness, and our clients.  It is Colorpops’ ability to create relationships that really is at the heart of our business.

A Family Run Business

Colorpops is truly a family run business.  It has been a fun and exciting family affair and our family seems to have grown as we connect with nail artists and techs around the world.  And as the nail industry has exploded over the last 20 years, it has been exciting to see how our little epiphany to reach and connect with our own customers has been integral to helping others connect and inspire their customers.

Our Goal

We aim to provide a showcase for vibrant colors,  inspiring designs, and playful sophistication.  These are the hallmarks of our nail polish displays.  From our amazing Pops to our award-winning Rings, our exuberant approach to marketing and displaying nail art and polishes encourages personal style and individual charm.

We aim to inspire  colorful living through our Pops, Rings and displays.  Our fundamental goal is anchored to our commitment to customer service and passion for sharing our colorful world one Pop at a time.

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