Colorpops deliver a color experience that inspires.

Colorpops nail polish displays bring about an instantaneous and elevated sensual display of color and sophisticated nail art. We foster relationship with the nail, the color, and the customer. And while there are no shortage of nail polish racks, Colorpops polish displays stand alone to bridge chic, well-engineered, design, practical convenience, and economy of space into a tactile and epicurean experience for the consumer.

Our aim at Colorpops is to fill a void and function as an elegant marketing tool where nail artist’s designs and color come to life. A nail tech’s art is turned into a curated selection of options for every cunsumer.

Colorpops allow students, nail professionals, and nail artists to curate their artwork and polish collections.

Colorpops nail displays allow the consumer to experience your color and nail art in a personal way. And our 20 years in the nail industry has demonstrated to us that the intimate personal experience provided by Colorpops inspires and encourages with higher satisfaction and clear expectations.

Colorpops permits nail stylists to share new nail art trends, seasonal promotions, or special events like hosting a fashion show and red carpet affair for your polishes. Colorpops’ goal is to transcend and transform every aspect of the traditional salon experience. Colorpops offers nail techs the opportunity to present a collection of thoughtfully-inspired nail designs and colors reminiscent of a runway and editorial trends to discerning women seeking edgy elegance.

Colorpops can be fun, glam, or sophisticatedly traditional.

We make color accessible, personal, and sensual. The effect on you and your client is instant.

Our goal is to help you inspire others with your color and designs.